Over decades, the building industry has been plied with reams of design and specification news, each heralding the virtues of the latest development, eclipsing earlier products.
Back in 1959, for example, the standard offering for a vision panel in a UK (timber) fire door could only be a square of ‘Georgian Wired Polished Plate’ (GWPP) glass, itself never a safety glass, as was illustrated when a scholar (who shall remain nameless) in a North-Country school had to be rushed to his local A & E, after horseplay resulted in his right hand passing clear through the glass pane, severing the wrist artery..
By 1983, the industry had progressed to offering a single 6mm pane of ‘modified toughened’ safety glass, which, when finally smashed by considerable force, would granulate, thus precluding any such serious injury.
A problem became clear, however, when such a glass was required to achieve 30+ minutes INTEGRITY (E30), not in steel but in a TIMBER frame. Dramatic fire test failures in 1985 sent designers back to the drawing board in pursuit of an ever larger portion of that lucrative UK internal timber fire screen pie.
Deception followed, and, without here being more specific, it later became clear that some modifications had been undertaken (not, of course divulged to the relevant Test Houses), which resulted in a 6mm pane, which had previously struggled to survive more than 17 minutes’ furnace exposure, suddenly achieving 35+ minutes’ INTEGRITY (E35) – and no-one asked HOW?
For this reason, Veritas Glass will not now offer ANY (E) product to be glazed into TIMBER frames, not least, since, apart from distancing itself from past dubious practice, we know that, after 30 minutes’ exposure to furnace temperature, the radiant heat streaming through the pane, would only serve to create distress and panic in a ‘real-life’ fire situation.
Our solution is an EW (Radiated Heat Control) product, be that in Steel or Hardwood framing, for any time period in excess of 30 minutes. The E30 product remains available for STEEL frames.
Those who involved themselves in this desire to ‘obtain a pecuniary advantage by deception’ know who they are.
Veritas Glass offers the public better service than that:
  • 30+ years product experience
  • Practical fire testing experience internationally
  • Open for UK and overseas architectural enquiries
  • On-site installation service available if needed
  • Competitive pricing..
  • JIT delivery to site if appropriate
  • Honesty – the best policy.